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starstarstarstarstar Anton Reicha (1770-1836): Complete String Quartets, vol.2. String Quartet in C minor, op.49 no.1 (1803-04). String Quartet in E flat, op.48 no.3 (c.1802). Kreutzer Quartet. Toccata Classics TOCC 0040

starstarstarstarstar Friedrich Ernst Fesca (1789-1826): Complete String Quartets, vol.1. Quartet no.1 in E flat, op.1 no.1 (1815). Quartet no.2 in F sharp minor, op.1 no.2 (1815). Potpourri no.2 n B flat, op.11. Quartet no.3 in B flat, op.1 no.3 (1815). Quartet no.7 in A minor, op.3 no.1 (1816). Quartet no.8 in D, op.3 no.2 (1816). Quartet no.13 in D minor, op.12 (1818-19). Quartet no.15 in D, op.34 (1814). Quartet no.9 in E flat, op.3 no.3 (1816). Diogenes Quartet. CPO 777 482-2 (3 CDs)

starstarstar Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750): French Suite no.5 in G, BWV 816. Anatoly Liádov (1853-1914): Prelude in B minor, op.11 no.1. Two Mazurkas, op.15. Two Bagatelles, op.17. Prelude in B flat minor, op.31 no.2. A Musical Snuffbox in A, op.12. Three Pieces, op.57. Four Pieces, op.64. Aliexándr Skriábin (1872-1915): Etude in D sharp minor, op.8 no.12. Victor Paukstelis (piano). Sheva Collection SH101

starstarstar Ludwig Thuille (1861-1907): String Quartet no.2 in G (1881, unfinished). String Quartet no.1 in A (1878). Signum Quartett. Capriccio C5049

starstar Paul John Stanbery (1957-): Symphony no.2, 'Foundations' (2012). Hamilton-Fairfield Symphony Orchestra c/b Paul John Stanbery. Navona NV5957

starstarstarstar Joachim Raff (1822-82): Overture to 'Dame Kobold' (op.154) (1869). Abends - Rhapsody in E flat, for orchestra, op.163b (1871/1874). Overture to 'König Alfred', WoO.14 (1848-49). Prelude to 'Dornröschen', WoO.19 (1855). Overture to 'Die Eifersüchtigen', WoO.54 (1881-82). Symphony no.5 in E, 'Lenore', op.177 (1872). Orchestre de la Suisse Romande c/b Neeme Järvi. Chandos CHSA 5135

starstarstar Witold Maliszewski (1873-1939): Works for Violin and Piano. Sonata in G, op.1 (1902). Quatre Morceaux, op.20 (1923). Les Explorateurs: Joanna Ławrynowicz (piano), Anna Orlik (violin) (except op.20 last movement), Józef Kolinek (violin) (op.20 last movement only). Acte Préalable AP 0285

starstarstar John McEwen (1868-1948): Three Border Ballads. Grey Galloway (1908). The Demon Lover (1906-07). Coronach (1906). London Philharmonic Orchestra c/b Alasdair Mitchell. Chandos CHAN 9241

starstarstarstar York Bowen (1884-1961): Clarinet Sonata in F minor, op.109 (1943) [15:31]. Rhapsody Trio, op.80 (1924-25) [13:32]. Piano Trio in D minor (c.1900, unfinished) [11:06]. Phantasy Quintet in D minor, for bass clarinet & string quartet, op.93 (c.1933) [14:11]. Piano Trio in E minor, op.118 (1946) [24:07]. Robert Plane (clarinet, bass clarinet). Gould Piano Trio. Mia Cooper (violin) (Quintet). David Adams (viola) (Quintet). Chandos CHAN 10805

starstarstar Józef Wieniawski (1837-1912): Piano Works 2. *Fantaisie for two pianos, op.42 (1886). Tarantelle, op.4. +Valse de Salon, op.7. Fantaisie et Fugue, op.25. +Tarantelle no.2, op.35. Nocturne, op.37. +Valse-Caprice, op.46. Rêverie, op.45 no.1. *Valse de Concert, for piano four hands, op.3. Valentina Seferinova (piano). +Venera Bojkova (piano). *Va i Ve Piano Duo (Seferinova & Bojkova). Acte Préalable AP 0291

starstarstarstarstar Mauricio Kagel (1931-2008): Piano Trios I-III. Trio no.1 (1984-85). Trio no.2 (2001). *Trio no.3 (2006-07). Trio Imàge. Avi (Deutschlandradio) 8553278

starstarstarstar Hans Gál (1890-1987) : Symphony no.1 in D, op.30 (1927). Robert Schumann (1810-56): 'Spring' Symphony (Symphony no.1) in B flat, op.38 (1841). Orchestra of the Swan c/b Kenneth Woods. Avie AV2233

starstarstar Theodor von Schacht (1748-1823): Symphonies vol.1. Sinfonia in C. Sinfonia in E flat. Sinfonia 'con eco' in E flat (1775). Evergreen Symphony Orchestra c/b Gernot Schmalfuss. CPO 777 737-2

starstar Chris Campbell (1977-) and Grant Cutler: Schooldays Over. Piano, Cellos, Glockenspiel. Song 1. Marimba, Synths, Piano. Pump Organ, Gongs, Balloon Bassoons. Song 2. Cello Bath, Koto. Song 3. Christopher Campbell. Grant Cutler. Michelle Kinney. Jacqueline Ultan. Joey Van Phillips. (Performers' roles not specified). Innova 862

starstarstarstar Siergiéi Rachmáninov (1873-1943): Piano Sonata no.2 in B flat minor, op.36 (1913/1931). Felix Mendelssohn (1809-47), arr. Franz Liszt (1811-86), arr. Vladimir Horowitz: Wedding March and Variations. Fryderyk Chopin (1810-49): Andante Spianato - Grande Polonaise Brillante , op.22. Scherzo no.4, op.54. Modiést Mússorgsky (1839-81): Pictures at an Exhibition. Krystian Tkaczewski (piano). Acte Préalable AP0269

starstarstarstar Franz Xaver Scharwenka (1850-1924): Complete Piano Concertos. Piano Concerto no.1 in B flat minor, op.3 (1876). Piano Concerto no.2 in C minor, op. 56 (1881). Piano Concerto no.3 in C minor, op.80 (1889). Piano Concerto no.4, op.82 (1908). Alexander Markovich (piano). Estonian NSO c/b Neem Järvi. Chandos CHAN 10814 (2 CDs)

starstarstarstar Mieczysław Weinberg (1919-96): Piano Trio, op.24 (1945). Violin Sonatina, op.46 (1946). Sonata for solo double bass, op.108 (1971). Kolja Blacher (violin) (Trio). Erez Ofer (violin) (Sonatina). Johannes Moser (cello). Elisaveta Blumina (piano). Nabil Shehata (double bass). CPO 777 804-2

starstarstarstarstar Joachim Raff (1822-82): Piano Works 4. La Cicerenella - Nouveau Carnaval, in A minor, op.165 (1871). Douze Romances en Forme d'Etudes, op.8 (1843). Deux Pièces, op.166 (1871). Allegro Agitato in C minor, op.151 (1868). Tra Nguyen (piano). Grand Piano GP 654

starstarstar Aleksander Tansman (1897-1986): Cinq Impromptus (1922-26). Six Arabesques (1930). Huit Novelettes (1936). Elżbieta Tyszecka (piano). Acte Préalable AP 0326

starstarstarstar Fernando Lopes-Graça (1906-94): Complete Works for Violin & Piano and *Solo Violin. Violin Sonatina no.1, op.10 (1931). Violin Sonatina no.2, op.11 (1931). Prelúdio, Capricho e Galope, op.33 (1941). Trois Pièces, op.118 (1959). Pequeno Tríptico, op.124 (1960). *Prelúdio e Fuga, op.137 (1960). Quatro Miniaturas, op.128 (1980). *Esponsais, op.230 (1984). Adágio Doloroso e Fantasia, op.242 (1988). Bruno Monteiro (violin). João Paulo Santos (piano). Naxos 9.70177

starstarstarstar Emanuel Aloys Förster (1748-1823): Three String Quartets op.21 (1802-03). String Quartet in C, op.21 no.1. String Quartet in D minor, op.21 no.2. String Quartet in A, op.21 no.3. Authentic Quartet. Hungaroton HCD32705

starstarstarstar Franz Krommer (1759-1831): Three String Quartets op.7 (1797). String Quartet in C, op.7 no.1. String Quartet in E minor, op.7 no.2. String Quartet in A, op.7 no.3. Authentic Quartet. Hungaroton HCD32623

starstarstarstar Joseph Wölfl (1773-1812): Three String Quartets op.4 (1798). String Quartet in C, op.4 no.1. String Quartet in F, op.4 no.2. String Quartet in C minor, op.4 no.3. Authentic Quartet. Hungaroton HCD32580

starstarstarstar Johann Georg Albrechtsberger (1736-1809): Three String Quartets op.7 (c.1781-83). String Quartet in C, op.7 no.4. String Quartet in G minor, op.7 no.5. String Quartet in E flat, op.7 no.6. Authentic Quartet. Hungaroton HCD32495

starstarstarstarstar Nikolaus Zmeskáll (1759-1833): Two String Quartets. String Quartet no.15 in G minor. String Quartet no.14 in D. Authentic Quartet. Hungaroton HCD32332

starstarstar Dora Pejačević (1885-1923): Chamber Works. Piano Quintet in B minor, op.40 (1915-18). String Quartet in C, op.58 (1922). Piano Quartet in D minor, op.25 (1908). Impromptu, op.9b (1903). Quatuor Sine Nomine (Patrick Genet, François Gottraux, Hans Egidi, Marc Jaermann). Oliver Triendl (piano). CPO 777 421-2 (2 CDs)

starstarstar Joseph Christoph Kessler (1800-72): 24 Preludes, op.31. Etudes, op.20 nos.1-12. Magdalena Brzozowska (piano). Acte Préalable AP 0319

starstar Music For A While - Improvisations on Henry Purcell. Henry Purcell (1659-95): Twas within a Furlong (arr. Christina Pluhar). Music for a While (arr. Christina Pluhar). Strike the Viol (arr. Christina Pluhar). Now that the Sun hath Veiled his Light (an Evening Hymn on a Ground) (arr. Christina Pluhar). In Vain the Am'rous Flute. A Prince of Glorious Race Descended (arr. Christina Pluhar). Oh Solitude, my Sweetest Choice. When I am Laid in Earth (arr. Christina Pluhar). Wondrous Machine (arr. Christina Pluhar). Here the Deities Approve (arr. Christina Pluhar). Ah! Belinda (arr. Christina Pluhar). Hark! how the Songsters of the Grove (arr. Christina Pluhar). One Charming Night (arr. Christina Pluhar). Man is for Woman Made. O Let Me Weep (The Plaint). Curtain Tune on a Ground. Leonard Cohen (1934-): Hallelujah. Philippe Jaroussky (counter-tenor). Raquel Andueza (soprano). Vincenzo Capezzuto (alto). Dominique Visse (counter-tenor). Gianluigi Trovesi (clarinet). Wolfgang Muthspiel (acoustic guitar, electric guitar). L'Arpeggiata / Christina Pluhar. Erato/Warner Classics 2564633750

starstarstarstarstar Swiss Piano Quintets. Joachim Raff (1822-82): Grand Quintuor in A minor, op.107. Phantasie in G minor, op.207b. Hermann Goetz (1840-76): Piano Quintet in C minor, op.16. Anahit Kurtikyan (violin). Davis Greenlees (viola). Dariusz Mizera (double bass). Ensemble Il Trittico. Divox CDX-20506

starstarstarstar Michael Kimber (1945-): Music for Viola 2. *Emerald Isle (2004). Six Caprices (from: Twelve Caprices (1996)). Echoes of Greece (2006). +Rustic Dances (2013). +Concertino, for viola & strings (2010). +Fantasia Hispana (1995). Twelve-Tone. Marcin Murawski (viola). *Grzegorz Stec (folk pipe). +Concertino Chamber Orchestra c/b Marek Siwka. Acte Préalable AP 0321

starstarstar Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827): Piano Sonata in C minor, op.13. Fryderyk Chopin (1810-49): Etude in E, op.10 no.3. Etude in C minor, op.10 no.12. Berceuse in D flat, op.57. Scherzo no.2 in B flat minor, op.31. Claude Debussy (1862-1918): Bruyères (Prelude no.5, book II). Pagodes (Estampe no.1). Jardins sous la Pluie (Estampe no.3). Katarzyna Pietroń (piano). Acte Préalable AP 0328

starstarstarstar Knudåge Riisager (1897-1974): The Symphonic Edition Vol. 3. Summer Rhapsody (on Danish Folk Melodies), op.43 (1943). Sinfonia Concertante, for strings, op.34 (1937). Sinfonia Gaia (Symphony no.4), op.38 (1939-40). Sinfonia Serena (Symphony no.5), for strings & timpani, op.52 (1949-50). Aarhus Symphony Orchestra c/b Bo Holten. Dacapo 8.226148

starstarstar Rued Langgaard (1893-1952): String Quartets vol. 2. Rosengaardsspil in E, for string quartet, BVN 153 (1918). String Quartet in A flat, BVN 155 (1918). String quartet no.4 in F, 'Sommerdage', BVN 215 (1914-18/1931). Nightingale String Quartet. Dacapo 6.220576 (SACD)

starstarstarstar Josef Bohuslav Foerster (1859-1951): The Complete Piano Trios. Piano Trio no.1 in F minor, op.8 (1883). Piano Trio no.2 in B flat, op.38 (1894). Piano Trio no.3 in A minor, op.105 (1922). Janáček Trio. Supraphon SU4079-2

starstarstarstar Gaspard Fritz (1716-83): Violin Sonatas, op.3 (1756). Sonata in D, op.3 no.1. Sonata in A, op.3 no.2. Sonata in C, op.3 no.3. Sonata in E flat, op.3 no.4. Sonata in B, op.3 no.5. Plamena Nikitassova (violin). Maya Amrein (cello). Jörg-Andreas Bötticher (harpsichord). Pan Classics PC10295

starstarstarstar Franz Ignaz Beck (1734-1809): 9 Symphonies. Symphony in G minor, op.3 no.3 (1762). Symphony in D minor, op.3 no.5 (1762). Symphony in E flat, op.3 no.4 (1762). Symphony in D, op.3 no.6 (1762). Symphony in B flat, op.3 no.2 (1762). Symphony in F, op.3 no.1 (1762). La Mort d'Orphée - Overture (1784). Symphony in D, op.4 no.1 (1766). Symphony in B flat, op.4 no.2 (1766). Symphony in F, op.4 no.3 (1766). L'Isle Déserte - Overture (1779). La Stagione Frankfurt c/b Michael Schneider. CPO 777 880-2 (2 CDs, 1 hybrid SACD*)

starstarstarstar Ebony and Ivory: Works for Clarinet and Piano. Şerban Nichifor (1954-): Two Dances for Andrew Simon (2003). Joseph Horovitz (1926-): Two Majorcan Pieces (1956). Clarinet Sonatina (1981). Diversions on a Familiar Theme (1997). Witold Lutoslawski (1913-94): Dance Preludes (1955). Arnold Cooke (1906-2005): Clarinet Sonata in B flat (1959). Malcolm Arnold (1921-2006): Clarinet Sonatina in G minor, op.29 (1951). Andrew Simon (clarinet). Warren Lee (piano). Naxos 8.573022

starstarstar Antonín Dvořák (1841-1904): [Symphonies:] Volume 4. Slavonic Dance in A flat, op.46 no.3. Slavonic Dance in C, op.72 no.7. Slavonic Dance in D, op.46 no.6. Symphony no.2 in B flat, op.4. Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra c/b José Serebrier. Warner Classics 2564 645276

starstarstar Antonín Dvořák (1841-1904): [Symphonies:] Volume 3. Symphony no.3 in E flat, op.10. Symphony no.6 in D, op.60. Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra c/b José Serebrier. Warner Classics 2564 657753

starstarstarstar Felix Mendelssohn (1809-47): 'Italian' Symphony in A (1829-33/1834). 'Reformation' Symphony in D, op.107 (posth.) (1830). La Chambre Philharmonique c/b Emmanuel Krivine. Naïve V5069

starstarstar Hermann Suter (1870-1926): Sämtliche Streichquartette. String Quartet no.1 in D, op.1 (1901). String Quartet no.2 in C sharp minor, op.10 (1910). String Quartet no.3 in G, 'Amselrufe', op.20 (1921). Beethoven Quartett. Musiques Suisses MGB 6729

starstarstar Peter Boyer (1970-): Silver Fanfare, for orchestra (2004). Festivities, for orchestra (2011). Three Olympians, for string orchestra (2000). Celebration Overture (1997/2001). Symphony no.1 (2012-13). London Phiilharmonic Orchestra c/b Peter Boyer. Naxos American Classics 8.559769

starstarstarstar Astor Piazzolla (1921-92): Tango Nuevo. *La Muerte del Ángel (1962). Histoire du Tango (1985), arr. Dmitry Varelas. *Melodía in A minor (1969). Tango in A minor (Tanguano) (Dos Piezas Breves no.1) (1969). Milonga sin Palabras. *Fuga y Misterio (from: María de Buenos Aires). Ave María (Tanti Anni Prima). *Yo Soy María (from: María de Buenos Aires). *Oblivion (1982). *Aire de la Zamba Niña. Le Grand Tango (1982), arr. Sofia Gubaidúlina. *Libertango. *Arrangements by Tomas Cotik. Tomas Cotik (violin). Glenn Basham (violin II*). Tao Lin (piano). Naxos 8.573166

starstarstarstar Leopoldo Américo Miguéz (1850-1902): Souvenirs, op.20. Scènes Intimes, op.24 (1894). Faceira (Valse-Impromptu), op.28 (?1897). Morceaux Lyriques, op.34. Nocturne, op.10. Allegro Appassionato, op.11 (1883). Braz Velloso (piano). Naxos 9.70199 brazil (1K) france (1K)

starstarstarstar Henrique Oswald (1852-1931): Six Morceaux, op.4 (c.1887). Trois Romances, op.7. Il Neige (1902). Six Pièces, op.14. Feuilles d'Album, op.20. Braz Velloso (piano). Naxos 9.70200 brazil (1K) france (1K)

starstarstar Peter Ritzen (1956-): Piano Quintet in F sharp minor (2006). César Franck (1822-90): *Piano Quintet in F minor (1878). Peter Ritzen (piano). Moscow Chamber Academy. Naxos 9.70142

starstarstarstar Artefacts / Fundstücke - Piano Music from the 50s ('50th'). Christian Wolff (1934-): Sonata for three pianos (first version) (1953). Sonata for three pianos (second version) (1953). Luigi Dallapiccola (1904-75): Quaderno Musicale di Annalibera (1952). Chou Wen-chung (1923-): The Willows are New (1957). Josef Matthias Hauer (1883-1959): Zwölftonspiel 28.VII.1952 (1952). Bernd Alois Zimmermann (1918-70): Konfigurationen (1956). Paul Dessau (1894-1979): Drei Intermezzi (1955). Sylvano Bussotti (1931-): Per Tre sul Piano, for three pianists (1959). Witold Lutosławski (1913-94): Bucolics (1952). Gunnar Berg (1909-89): Eclatement V (1958). Hans Ulrich Engelmann (1921-2011): Suite no.1 (1950). Galina Ustvólskaya(1919-2006): Sonata no.4 (1953). Steffen Schleiermacher (piano). MDG 613 1821-2

starstarstarstar Mieczysław Weinberg (1919-96): Symphony no.12, 'In Memoriam D. Shostakovich', op.114 (1976). The Golden Key - Ballet Suite no.4, op.55d (1954-55). St Petersburg State Symphony Orchestra c/b Vladimir Lande. Naxos 8.573085

starstarstarstarstar Paul Schoenfield (1947-): Six British Folk Songs, for cello & piano (1985). Peccadilloes, for piano (1997). Refractions, for clarinet, cello & piano (2006). James Tocco (piano), Paul Schoenfield (piano), Yehuda Hanani (cello), Alexander Fiterstein (clarinet). Naxos American Classics 8.559380

starstarstarstar Othmar Schoeck (1886-1957): Christian Poltéra Plays Othmar Schoeck. Concerto in A major and A minor, for cello & strings, op.61 (1947) [32:06]. Sonata, for cello & piano, wwo.47 (1957) [16:16]. [6] Songs (transcribed Poltéra) [11:50]. Christian Poltéra (cello). Julius Drake (piano). Malmö Symphony Orchestra c/b Tumoas Ollila. BIS CD-1597

starstarstar Béla Bartók (1881-1945): String Quartet no.1, op.7 (1909). String Quartet no.2, op.17 (1915-17). Juilliard String Quartet. Pristine Classical PACM089a

starstarstar Béla Bartók (1881-1945): String Quartet no.3, BB 93 (1926). String Quartet no.4, BB 95 (1927). Juilliard String Quartet. Pristine Classical PACM089b

starstarstar Béla Bartók (1881-1945): String Quartet no.5, BB 110 (1934). String Quartet no.6, BB 119 (1939). Juilliard String Quartet. Pristine Classical PACM089c

starstarstarstar Daniel Gottlob Türk (1750-1813): Klaviersonaten Grösstentheils für Kenner (Six Keyboard Sonatas for Connoisseurs) (1789). Sonata no.1 in A minor. Sonata no.2 in E flat. Sonata no.3 in B minor. Sonata no.4 in G. Sonata no.5 in B flat. Sonata no.6 in C. Michael Tsalka (clavichord, fortepiano, early grand piano). Grand Piano GP 657

starstarstarstar The Paris Concert: Hommage à Alfred Cortot. Richard Wagner (1813-83), arr. Franz Liszt (1813-83): La Mort d'Isolde, S.447. Franz Liszt (1811-86): Deux Légendes, S.175. Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901), arr. Franz Liszt: Miserere, S.433. Frédéric Chopin (1810-49): Piano Sonata no.3 in B minor, op.58. Florence Delaage (piano). Calliope CAL1316

starstarstarstar August Klughardt (1847-1902): Symphony no.5 in C minor, op.71 (1892-97). Im Frühling - Konzertouvertüre in E, op.30 (1869-73). Festouvertüre in E flat, op.78 (1898-99). Anhaltische Philharmonie Dessau c/b Antony Hermus. CPO 777 693-2

starstarstarstar Saverio Mercadante (1795-1870): Omaggio a Bellini - Fantasia, for large orchestra (1860). Seconda Sinfonia Caratteristica Napoletana. Gran Sinfonia, on themes from Rossini's Stabat Mater (1843). Clarinet Concerto no.2 in B flat, op.101*. Garibaldi - Sinfonia for large orchestra (1861). *Giammarco Casani (clarinet). Orchestra Sinfonica di Roma c/b Francesco La Vecchia. Naxos 8.573035

starstarstar Saverio Mercadante (1795-1870): Flute Concerto no.2 in E minor, op.57 (1814). Flute Concerto no.4 in G, op.57 (1816). Flute Concerto no.1 in E, op.49 (1813). Sinfonia Finlandia Jyväskylä c/b Patrick Gallois (flute). Naxos 8.572731

starstarstar Ignacy Feliks Dobrzyński (1807-67): Chamber Works with Piano - 2. Fantaisie, for violin & piano, op.32. Introduction and Variations, for violin & piano, op.9. Les Larmes, for violin & piano, op.41 (1843). Souvenir de Dresde, for violin, cello & piano, op.47 (1846). Introduction and Variations, for flute & piano, op.18 (1831). Andante e Rondo alla Polacca, for flute & piano, op.42. Les Explorateurs. Acte Préalable AP0279

starstarstarstar György Ligeti (1923-2006): Métamorphoses Nocturnes (Night Metamorphoses). String Quartet no.1, 'Métamorphoses Nocturnes' (1953-54/1958). String Quartet no.2 (1968). Sonata for cello (1948-53). Quatuor Béla. Aeon AECD1332

starstarstar Harpsichord Concertos. John Rutter (1945-): Suite Antique, for flute, harpsichord & strings (1979). Philip Glass (1937-): Concerto, for harpsichord & chamber orchestra (2002). Jean Françaix (1912-97): Concerto, for harpsichord & ensemble (1959). Christopher D Lewis (harpsichord). John McMurtery (flute). West Side Chamber Orchestra c/b Kevin Mallon. Naxos 8.573146

starstarstar Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741): Double and Triple Concertos. Concerto in D, for 2 violins, 2 cellos, strings & continuo, RV 564. Concerto in F, for 3 violins, strings & continuo, RV 551. Concerto in G minor, for 2 cellos, strings & continuo, RV 531. Concerto in A, for 2 violins, strings & continuo, RV 552. Concerto in C, for violin, 2 cellos, strings & continuo, RV 561. Concerto in F, for violin, cello, strings & continuo, 'Il Proteo, ossia Il Mondo al Rovescio', RV 544. Christophe Coin, Paolo Beschi (cello I, II). Enrico Onofri, Marco Bianchi, Duilio Galfetti (violin I, II, III). Il Giardino Armonico c/b Giovanni Antonini. Warner Classics 256464230-9

starstar Philippe Chamouard (1952-): Symphony no.8 (2008). Poème du Vent, for orchestra (1997). Orchestre Symphonique du Conservatoire de Rouen c/b Claude Brendel. François Marchal (bagpipe). Hortus HOR548

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